A hyper-local lockdown can be implemented in Pune and Mumbai

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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, May 12, 2020: Will there be Lockdown 4.0? The country awaits for this answer. People have mixed reviews about this some say that after 17th the lockdown will be completely over and some say that it will be extended.

Let’s check the ground reality: With Lockdown almost coming to its final stage, the economy of major cities like Pune and Mumbai are striving to be boosted. The primary step that the Maharashtra government took was the reopening of liquor shops and other shops besides resuming work at over 50,000 companies to boost the economy.

The question is what after 17th May? To restart the economy, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region  (MMR) and Pune Metropolitan Region including Pimpri-Chinchwad may implement a hyperlocal lockdown plan. Lets further discuss the plan in detail and simplified way.

Hyperlocal Lockdown means that the entire Red or Orange zone does not need to be locked down completely. Only the road or street where cases have arisen need to be sealed down. “Till there is a vaccine developed, will have to learn to live with this virus and go about our livelihoods while being careful too. We need better planning to deal with this situation”, said an official from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

Furthermore, to decide how the Lockdown can be implemented will be discussed further, and the government agencies will utilise scientific data and artificial intelligence to create a strategy that can be used across establishments, services, and sectors.

“Based on predictive modelling and the way an area is populated with malls and markets located within the region, while also considering the age and related demographics of the city, one can predict how the virus’ spread would increase in any location and take necessary action,” the official also affirmed. However, the final decision hasn’t been made yet.