Pune: Sonu Sood backs ‘Warrior Aaji’s’ self-defence training centre

Shanta Balu Pawar Martial Art
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Shikha Chaurasia

Hadapsar, August 24, 2020: Last month Pune’s ‘Warrior Aaji’ Shanta Balu Pawar had gone viral on social media after Marathi actor Aishwarya Kale posted her lathi-kathi skills on her social media account.


Pawar previously earned her livelihood by performing lathi-kathi martial art skills on the city streets. Nearly after a month of her video going viral, she is now going to teach self-defence to children using lathi-kathi. About 30 children are soon going to learn martial arts from 85-year-old Pawar for free.


Actor Sonu Sood, after seeing the ‘Warrior Aaji’s’ video a month ago, decided to help her monetarily. Now with the help of the actor, Pawar will be able to teach children self-defence.


Yogesh Dattatray Sasane, a local corporator along with a social organization Nirmitee has helped Pawar to find a place for conducting the classes. An open space on the premises of Savali Foundation has been turned into a training ground. It was inaugurated on Saturday on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. The classes will be held three days a week.


Pawar who was there at the inauguration event said, “I attended the event and happily demonstrated my martial art skills. Many children from nearby who are interested in learning came to the event and grasped the skills very quickly.”


Nirmitee organization had been searching for places for Pawar to teach her skills to the children and in the process, they met the local corporator who helped them in finalizing space in the Savali foundation premises.


Sasane added further that instead of Sood helping Pawar with her monthly rental expenses (for using the space), he should give her funds monthly while the classes are conducted for free. “I will give the open space for free to her and Sood’s help can directly reach her”, Sasane said.