Pune: Stamp Duty Amnesty Scheme Prompts Temporary Closure Registration Offices From January 15 To 31

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Pune, 13th January 2024: The Stamp Duty Amnesty Scheme (Abhay Yojana) introduced by the State Government has led to a surge in applications at the Registration and Controller of Stamps Office in Pune city. In response to the increased demand for document processing, the registration and stamp duty department has announced a temporary suspension of new document registrations from January 15 to 31.

During this period, both Haveli 1 and Haveli 2 offices will remain closed. However, citizens can still obtain application copies and avail themselves of the benefits offered under the Abhay Yojana (Amnesty Scheme) at these two offices.

To mitigate inconvenience for citizens, the weekly holidays for Haveli No. 21, 22, and 23 offices will be canceled. Registration services will continue in these three offices on their usual weekly holidays, ensuring uninterrupted services on Monday and Tuesday as well.

An official from the District Registration and Controller of Stamps Office in Pune provided this information, emphasizing the commitment to facilitating citizen applications while managing the increased workload brought about by the Stamp Duty Amnesty Scheme.