Pune Student Makes ‘N95 Mask’ Affordable to the Common Man

Mask made by student
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Pune, July 3, 2020: During the present Coronavirus Disease (COVID) pandemic maintaining physical distancing has become a norm. The government is advising all to stay at home unless necessary to go out. Use of Face mask has also become a norm.

Vaibhav Agrawal, an MBA (innovation and entrepreneurship) student from SIBM Pune established his start-up named – The Pins Culture – and identified the need which is the shortage of face masks. He found that many people are using scarves and handkerchiefs to cover their face as they were unable to afford the N95 face masks used by the elite and healthcare professionals.  He decided to do something about this and started manufacturing reusable, washable cotton face masks for the benefit of the community which were as good as N95 face masks.

At his home town he employed 20 workers who work for making these masks and of the 20 employees, 15 are female and all of them get a daily wage of Rs 400.  By doing this he could not only employ them in his town but also ensured that even a common man can afford an N95 mask. Vaibhav Agrawal

He manufactures approximately 2000 masks every day and all of them are sold almost instantaneously across all districts of Maharashtra. The masks are priced between Rs 12 per face mask to Rs 40 per face mask depending on the quality of cloth used for making the same.

Vaibhav takes utmost care in the process of manufacturing to ensure quality standards are maintained. He has also laid safety measures so that the workers maintain hygiene and also maintain social distance while the masks are stitched. Periodic temperature checks, oxygen level checking, and hand sanitization are a part of the normal process so that hygienic condition is maintained in the production process.