Students now delivering UV-sanitiser and air-purifier to sanitise accessories

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Pune, July 6, 2020: Pune based five students from Management studies are popularizing an innovative way to sanitise mobile handsets, pen, stapler, keyboard, car keys and another assessorial within ten minutes. Since quite some time now, we are all immersed in insane graphs of COVID-19 with the rise of coronavirus pandemic, its growth-rates, hotspots and others. From staying home and stay safe the government is now advising all to stay strong and stay safe. Only cleaning hands might not be enough, what you carry in them, should also be sanitised.

With the use of hand sanitisers or soaps to clean the hands and maintain hygiene is for sure needed but then what about all those gadgets which we constantly use while in the office especially mobile phones, pens, paper, staplers, or even the mouse and the keyboard.

The solution to this problem is a side-table! Which comes additionally with a UV-sanitizer drawer and an air-purifier! The product has a HEPA-standard air-filter and the product is tested and certified by a US-headquartered research & testing body of laboratories! The product is endorsed by the Foundation for Quality India.

EL-CLEAiR: manufactured by ElMeasure India Pvt. Ltd. and Rockforest Technologies! The side-table needs only 600 seconds to sanitize your contaminated items! EL-CLEAiR should also be looked as beyond a UV sanitizer because it is a ROOM AIR & SURFACE CLEANER TOO. Hence, making it a unique product combining the benefits of UV and HEPA, manufactured only by Rock Forest Technologies and ElMeasure India Pvt. Ltd. It has been patented by Rock Forest Technologies.

Upon usage of EL-CLEAiR by ‘The Lead Man of India’ Dr Venkatesh Thuppil, from the Foundation for Quality India, many other interesting usages have been discovered. For example, when air sanitization by UV happens, negative ions are created in the air and these can eliminate microorganisms which may be carried on media like clothes, table-cloth, curtains, etc. This is because El CLEAiR takes in the air from the surroundings to the UV chamber. This air is statically charged using our proprietary “Tri-band UV NatureBooster technology”. This air is continuously exhausted and it performs an “electrostatic disinfection” of the entire room and the items kept inside the room by about 4-8hours depending on the room size. Once EL-CLEAiR is on for about 4 hours, the electrostatic disinfection comes into effect and thereafter disinfection happens instantaneously.

The students said, “Due to lockdown we stayed back in the college hostel and were working on usual business activities. We also thought about how can “furniture” be pivoted to suit current times. An answer was found in one of the partners’ old associates. Rock Forest Technologies has expertise in electronic lighting solutions like bulbs, tube-lights, surface-mounted lights and light-bollards whereas Elmeasure India has an expertise in making smart metering, monitoring and controlling panels and switches.”

The students marketing the product are founders of WoodBulk Furnitures, a business venture by Adhiraaj Sinh Solanki, Mudit, Sharma, Rajdeep Nath, Rohan Bora and Tanzeel Hussain, pursuing their MBA. They are an enterprise in new-age designing of furniture, home-décor accessories and interior decoration.