Pune: Supriya Sule Lauds Support of Ajit Pawar’s Brother Shrinivas in Baramati Campaigns

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Baramati, 19th March 2024: Baramati’s MP, Supriya Sule, expressed gratitude towards the unwavering support of Shrinivas Pawar and Sharmila Pawar in her campaigns, emphasizing that she doesn’t believe criticism was directed towards Ajit Pawar. Highlighting the significance of personal expression, she questioned the limitations individuals face in sharing their thoughts openly in the country.

In a late-night media interaction in Baramati on Monday, Sule called for transparency regarding the origins of Electoral Bonds, urging the Central Government to promptly issue a white paper on the matter. She expressed concern over the confusion stemming from recent revelations and emphasized the pressing need to address allegations of corruption.

Regarding Chandrakant Patil’s efforts to challenge Sharad Pawar, Sule underscored the broader social responsibilities, lamenting the singular focus on defeating Sharad Pawar without addressing critical issues such as development, drought, inflation, unemployment, and agricultural concerns like water tankers and crop security.

Sule criticized the hostile language used, stressing the need for civil discourse in Maharashtra. She condemned the language of hostility and intimidation, emphasizing that such behaviour reflects poorly on the state. Highlighting recent revelations of vengeful and divisive politics, she lamented the prioritization of personal vendettas over genuine developmental concerns.