Pune: Surendra Pathare Foundation Aims to Break Blood Collection Records on Republic Day

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Kharadi, 25th January 2024: Surendra Pathare Foundation is gearing up to establish a new blood collection record as it hosts its 4th blood donation camp on Republic Day at the Rajaram Bhiku Pathare Stadium in Kharadi. The camp, set to conclude on January 26, is part of the foundation’s ongoing commitment to this noble cause, marking its fourth consecutive year of organizing such events.


In a world dominated by advanced technology, the importance of blood remains irreplaceable. Every two seconds, someone in the country requires blood, yet the demand often exceeds the available supply. The healthcare system faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic due to a shortage of blood, emphasizing the critical need for regular donations. Despite advancements, the scarcity of blood remains a concern for both public and private healthcare providers.


Surendra Pathare Foundation, recognizing the urgency of addressing this issue, has consistently organized blood donation camps annually, urging individuals to contribute to this life-saving cause. Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare, President of the foundation, called upon everyone to participate actively in the upcoming blood donation camp.


The foundation has seen commendable success in its previous campaigns, with 1644 blood bags collected in 2021, 3453 in 2022, and an impressive 3593 blood bags last year. The overwhelming response from citizens underscores the community’s commitment to this initiative.


As the foundation embarks on its fourth year of organizing blood donation camps, the goal remains to surpass previous records and make a substantial contribution to addressing the persistent shortage of blood in healthcare facilities. The Republic Day blood donation camp serves as a crucial platform for individuals to come forward and make a positive impact on the community’s health and well-being.