Pune: Swift Fire Brigade Action Averts Disaster in Viman Nagar Gas Cylinder Blaze

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Viman Nagar, 27th December 2023: A potential catastrophe was narrowly avoided today at 02:40 PM in Viman Nagar, near Horizon Developers and Neon Sites adjacent to Symbiosis College and Rohan Mithilasociety building. A fire erupted in houses with leaf sheds of workers, fueled by approximately 10 to 12 gas cylinders, part of a stockpile of around 100 domestic and commercial cylinders at a nearby construction site.

The Pune and PMRDA fire brigade vehicles promptly reached the scene and successfully extinguished the flames before any significant damage occurred. During the firefighting operation, two cylinders exploded. The ownership of the cylinder stockpile is currently unknown, and investigations are underway to identify the responsible party.

“Due to the timely response of the fire brigade and the incident occurring during the afternoon when no workers were present, there were no reported injuries or loss of life”, informed Chief Fire Officer Devendra Potphode of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

He confirmed that the fire is now fully extinguished, and cooling efforts are underway. Potphode emphasized the fortuitous timing of the incident, highlighting the potential for a more significant accident if it had transpired during peak working hours.