Pune: Swift Response Saves Lives: Massive Fire in Undri Building, No Casualties Reported

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Undri, 6th February 2024: A significant fire incident occurred in an apartment situated on the eleventh floor of the 11-storey Majestique Euriska (Flat No. 1104), located near Delhi Public School in Mohammed Wadi, Undri. The blaze ignited at approximately 01:15 pm today, prompting swift action from local firefighters.

Upon arrival, firefighters immediately prioritized the evacuation of residents, safely relocating six individuals (four women and two men) to the terrace, equipped with breathing apparatus sets, to shield them from smoke inhalation. Simultaneously, they initiated a water application to suppress the flames and prevent the fire from spreading to other areas of the building, effectively averting a larger catastrophe. The prompt response from emergency services ensured that the fire was swiftly brought under control within twenty minutes of their arrival, followed by continued cooling operations.

All occupants of the affected apartment, totalling four individuals, were successfully evacuated and are reported safe. However, the property and belongings within the afflicted unit incurred extensive damage due to the fire, with the precise cause yet to be determined. Notably, the permanent fire extinguishing system within the building was deactivated at the time of the incident.

Given the magnitude of the fire, authorities dispatched a formidable response team, comprising eight fire engines alongside specialized vehicles such as a high ladder vehicle and a breathing apparatus set van. The coordinated efforts of the firefighting personnel, led by PMRDA Chief Fire Officer Devendra Potphode and including officers Kailas Shinde, Sameer Shaikh, Pramod Sonawane, Pankaj Jagtap, Rajesh Jagtap, Subhash Jadhav, and approximately 30 others, were instrumental in containing the blaze and preventing further escalation.

Citizens expressed gratitude towards the firefighters for their timely intervention, acknowledging their role in averting a potential disaster.