Pune: Symbiosis College Organizes Seminar On Role Of Administrative Staff In Quality Enhancement In HEIs

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Pune, 10th January 2023: The Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce organized a one-day seminar in collaboration with Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) Maharashtra. The seminar theme was the Role Of Administrative Staff In Quality Enhancement In HEIs.

Dr Pramod Pabrekar, Sr. Consultant, RUSA, Government of Maharashtra, was invited as the Chief Guest for the function. The resource persons Keyaa Mukherjee and Aarati Mahadik, Maniben Nanavati Women’s College, Mumbai, were the other dignitaries present for the function.

Dr Tessy Thadathil, Vice Principal, and Dr Anil Adagale, RUSA Coordinator, Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, welcomed the guests and all the participants from various autonomous colleges.

Dr Pramod Pabrekar, in his keynote address, mentioned that the Administration Department plays an essential role in the development of the college. In his talk, Dr Pabrekar explained the role of the Administrative staff for various stakeholders, namely, the management of the institution, students, parents, alumni and all other local bodies associated with the institute. He also suggested that important documents like the National Education Policy (NEP), Academic Bank of Credits (ABC), Compendium of Government Resolution (GR), Statutes, and others should be read by all staff to achieve the mission of the institute.

The speaker of the first session, Keyaa Mukherjee, explained how digitization leads to the smooth functioning of the Office Administration of the College from any place, anywhere and anytime. She explained how effective office automation can help in saving time, energy and cost. She said this would help in minimizing the utilization of the physical infrastructure of the college. In her inspiring address, she explained how Office Automation is advantageous in achieving a sustainable environment and how it contributes to reducing Global Warming.

Aarati Mahadik explained how to streamline Accounts with the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) perspective. She explained in detail the mechanisms followed in her college for salary expenses, non-salary expenses, reconciliations etc. Lastly, in her speech, she briefed about how the optimum use of Tally ERP helps in the smooth preparation of accounts and Balance Sheets, which also facilitates the fetching of various types of reports as per the need.

There were 67 participants, out of which 27 were from 12 other autonomous colleges.