Pune: Symbiosis Organises Induction Ceremony, Dr Vedprakash Mishra Attends As Chief Guest

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Pune, 21st December 2022: The induction Ceremony of Symbiosis Medical College for Women- Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre and Symbiosis College of Nursing was organized today at Moringa Auditorium, Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre, Lavale, Pune. Dr Vedprakash Mishra was invited as the Chief Guest for the function.

“Each of you is unique and legitimately entitled to uniqueness. How many of you have realized your uniqueness? Uniqueness doesn’t lie in the neighbourhood, it’s within you. Self-trust is the most important factor to achieve success in life,” said Dr Mishra, Professor of Excellence, Professor of Eminence, Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Professor.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr Mishra gave valuable advice to the students. He said, “You can trust everybody, but there are chances of betrayal with you; instead, you trust yourself, and you will never be betrayed. Do self-reflection, and self-examination – it will help you grow further in life. Always trust that you are a unique creation of God and, at the same time, identify your uniqueness. Punctuate your life because life is a sentence. Your aim for punctuation should not be an exclamation, comma, full stop or any other, but you must be entitled to an inverted comma in your life.”

Talking about an approach to life, Dr Mishra said, “Instead of ‘Can I?’ it must be ‘I Can.’ I can do it; I can make it. Self-trust, self-understanding, and self-confidence you cannot borrow from others should be your monopoly.”

Talking about the importance of Induction, Dr Mishra mentioned the seven parables of Guru Vasistha Yoga. Vaishtha Rushi inducted four Putras of Raja Dashratha in his Ashram for imparting Education. Induction comes first, and then the commencement of education. Education is not to earn a livelihood but for honour, esteem, dignity, self-respect and societal responsibility. Transformation of “Human Being” to “Being Good Human” is the core purpose of education. Being a good human is more important in life, rather than staying only as a Human Being, and that transformation can be achieved through education, the Chief Guest explained.

Dr S.B. Mujumdar, Founder and President of Symbiosis and Chancellor of Symbiosis International (Deemed University), administered the oath to all the Medical Students.

Dr Vidya Yeravdekar, Principal Director Symbiosis and Pro-Chancellor Symbiosis International University, Dr Rajani Gupte, Vice Chancellor, Symbiosis International University, Dr Rajiv Yeravdekar, Provost, Faculty of Health Sciences, Symbiosis International University were the other distinguished dignitaries present for the function.

Lt. Col. (Dr) T. Vijaya Sagar, Dean of Symbiosis Medical College for Women, gave a Vote of Thanks, and Dr Nabilah Kazi was the anchor of the program.