Pune: Talegaon Woman Ends Life After Fiancé’s Love Affair Comes to Light

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Talegaon, 4th April 2024: A young woman took her own life by hanging herself in her home in Pune. The reason behind this was the discovery that her fiancé was involved in a love affair before their marriage. The incident occurred in Varale near Talegaon in Maval around 11:15 PM on Thursday (2nd May).

A 30-year-old man, a resident of Varale, Maval, filed a complaint at the Talegaon MIDC Police Station regarding the suicide of his 29-year-old sister. The Talegaon MIDC Police have initiated a case against Vikas Rajaram Dhamankar, aged 30 and a resident of Talegaon Dabhade.

According to police reports, the complainant’s sister’s marriage was arranged with the accused. They had a pre-marriage ceremony on April 14th. However, the deceased bride and her family were kept in the dark, and the accused was involved in a love affair with another woman. Suddenly, the accused informed them that he no longer wished to marry the deceased because he intended to marry someone else. This revelation deeply saddened and hurt the bride. She feared she would face disrespect in her village and community, believing her life to be ruined. This led her to take her own life by hanging herself in her home.

In response, the Talegaon MIDC Police have registered a case under IPC Section 306 (abetment of Suicide) against the accused. Assistant Police Inspector Maske from the Talegaon MIDC Police Station is further investigating this matter.