Pune techie makes his dream television debut on Sony channel Reality Show

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Pune – Saket Nagmote, who hails from Katol town in Nagpur district, has been selected for Sony TV reality show Zindagi Ke Crossroads. He currently works as senior software engineer with an multinational IT company in Pune.

Nagmote told Punekarnews.in , “I have three sisters, Sonali who is senior marketing manager,Sumedha Nagmote who is senior manager at Infosys and Shweta Nagmote who is currently settled in usa.My parents lives at Katol. My father is a farmer and orange merchant. My mother is a homemaker.We are middle class family where education is given a top priority so I pursued my engineering from Nagpur and moved to Pune for job.”

He further added, “However my dream always in my mind was to be part of the glamour world. I started giving online auditions as it was difficult for me to focus on my dream for sometime as I became a senior and office responsibility kept me busy. However when i auditioned for Big Boss it got viral on social media and i was highly appreciated. People started recognising me and then journey of my dream started. I worked on my fitness,yoga,diet etc. I started auditioning and speaking to casting directors and one day I got a call from Zindagi Ke Crossroads and I was happy to be part of such big show.”

Nagmote likes making YouTube videos, clicking selfies, wearing fashionable cloths, partying with friends, traveling new places and meeting new people. He always believe on his ‘Dreams and Strive Hard to Achieve them.

Talking about his journey, he said, “I was never given a chance. I had fought for it. It was never easy to make something happen. You have to believe in yourself and strive really hard.”

Excerpts from exclusive interview with Nagmote.

How long you tried for this ?

My journey started 2 Years back when i created a small audition for Bigg Boss 11 and it went viral and I got calls from fans all over India. People started recognising me at office that created a sense of self confidence in me. I started working on myself like working out in Gym, Yoga, Swimming etc.

How did crossroads happened ?

I was in contact with different casting directors. However it takes time for people to recognise your talent. Suddenly I got a call from casting director and she had my audition as i was always a strong headed opinion oriented person they liked me for the show.

How was the shooting experience?

I work for an IT company I had to deliver critical project during that time I had no time to breath that time and Mumbai was full of water during that time but they say god supports you sometime so I went fearlessly for the shoot and spoke my heart out. There was no script. We have to speak honest opinion and yes there was round of applauds for me.

What are your future plan?

As you all know life is uncertain anything is not planned however I will focus on my YouTube channel now as people love watching me. Also I would try my luck in few more reality shows.

What inspires You the most?

I am a self motivator. I believe I can make it one day. However I have been a true Bollywood fan and I love watching television show and I follow the lifestyle of Bollywood celebrity. I believe if you have a confidence in You no matter where you come from, how you are and what you want you will achieve that. I get inspired by Priyanka Chopra the most. She has achieved too much in short time and I adore her.

How would you take failures?

I have failed many times not once but I have always tried to learn from them. We make mistakes but we have to understand what went wrong and move on. I believe in forgive and forget. If people are not good to you inspite of you being good to them always, its their take I keep on being good to them and that has always been my path throughout the life.

Do watch the show Friday 8:30 pm on Sony channel Zindagi Ke Crossroads and wish Nagmote all luck for the future.