Pune: Tension in Adarsh Nagar Slum as Residents Oust Officials During Rehabilitation Survey

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Kalewadi, 15th December 2023: Tensions flared in the Adarsh Nagar slum of Kalewadi, as officials from the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA), Pune, faced strong opposition during a survey. The citizens of Adarsh Nagar slum, numbering in the hundreds, voiced their dissatisfaction, alleging improper survey practices and neglect of local concerns. The situation escalated to the point where the officials were ousted from the area by the residents.

Citizens of Adarsh Nagar slum, numbering 200 to 250 families, gathered to oppose the officials conducting the SRA’s survey. Expressing their discontent, the residents accused the authorities of neglecting local issues and not conducting the survey appropriately. The citizens raised slogans against the officials, highlighting their dissatisfaction with the rehabilitation project.


The primary contention of the residents is centred around the demand for adequate housing for every family in the slum. Residents argue that they have been living in Adarsh Nagar for the past sixty years, questioning the sudden initiation of the SRA’s projects. The citizens are adamant that the project will face opposition until the housing needs of each married couple in the slum are met.