Pune: ‘Thakishi Samvaad’ A New Play on Experimental Theatre by Satish Alekar

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Pune, 30th April 2024: ‘Thakishi Samvaad’, a new play based on experimental theatre written by the well-known playwright, theatre director, and actor Satish Alekar, is all set to enthrall the audience from 10th May 2024. The play features well-known actors Suvrat Joshi and Girija Oak in lead roles.

Satish Alekar, Suvrat Joshi, Girija Oak, and Director Anupam Barve shared the details of the play today during a press conference held at CC&Co, Prabhat Road, in the presence of producer Amey Gosavi, Co-producer Gandhaar Sangoram and other dignitaries.

Speaking about the play, Satish Alekar said, ‘Thakishi Samvaad’ is a commentary on the political and social situation that has changed since 2014. It is a long dialogue with the audience without the mention of any specific social or political event. The play has two characters with comments on the current social and political situation made by the central character, a 75-year-old man born in the post-independence era”.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is a significant reference point of the play as the story takes place against the background of the lockdown that had arisen during that time. The play revolves around the deep conversation the protagonist has with his doll ‘Thaki’ about the history of Marathi theatre.” he added further.

After a long gap of over 10 years, Satish Alekar is back with a new play. The last play written by him ‘Ek Diwas Mathakade’ was released in 2013. ‘Thakishi Samvaad’ also has a special significance as this play is releasing in the year Satish Alekar marks his 75th birthday.

Also speaking at the conference, play director Anupam Barve said, “Satish Alekar is a veteran dramatist, and I was one of his students at Lalit Kala Kendra. I have also been able to witness his dedication and passion when he is on the set and when Satish sir narrated the story of ‘Thakishi Samvaad’, I was excited. Lockdown had its limitations and hence I approached Satish sir as soon as I started the theatre group ‘Rakhadi Studio’ to seek permission to direct ‘Thakishi Samvaad’ and he instantly handed over the script to me”.

He further said, “I could relate to the subject and felt it important to convey it to a larger audience. The play showcases the reflection of today’s current scenario and also takes one back into the past. It is an opportunity to look at Marathi theatre with a unique perspective.

The play comments on artificial intelligence, new technology, the disconnection with tradition, and its revival along with presenting a strong opinion about the political scene of the last 10 years. I feel lucky to have got this opportunity of directing ‘Thakishi Samvaad’, added Barve.

The opening show of ‘Thakishi Samvaad’ will be held on Friday, May 10 at 7 PM at Shreeram Lagoo Rang-Avakash, First Floor, Jyotsna Bhole Auditorium Building, Hirabaug Chowk, Tilak Road. The play will continue its shows at Shriram Lagoo Rang-Avakash until May 14.