Pune: Thirteen Pakistani and One Bangladeshi National Granted Indian Citizenship

Pune District Collector office
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Pune, January 6, 2021: Thirteen Pakistani and one Bangladeshi national residing in Pune on long term visas have been granted Indian citizenship. Four more foreign nationals have been sworn in and will be able to get Indian citizenship once the paperwork is completed. Pune district collector Rajesh Deshmukh handed over their Indian citizenship certificate in presence of deputy collector Jayshree Katare, deputy tehsildar Nagesh Gaikwad, Rajaram Tekale among others.

These citizens were living in Pune on a long term basis. They had applied for Indian citizenship sometime back and have been granted Indian citizenship after completing the process. In order to get Indian citizenship, one has to reside in India for seven years before seeking a grant for citizenship. The person should not be in touch with the country of origin for 12 months before getting the citizenship certificate. These citizens are identified by the intelligence services and the police. Indian citizenship is granted on completion of submission of these records.

Based on this, the thirteen Pakistanis and one Bangladeshi have been granted Indian citizenship after completing the process. The district administration said that these 14 citizens will no longer have to renew their passports, visas and other government formalities. Foreign nationals are given an oath of allegiance to the Indian Constitution before being granted Indian citizenship. Accordingly, four Pakistani nationals have been sworn in. The district administration clarified that the process of granting Indian citizenship to these citizens will be done by the central government.

Since the commencement of the process of granting Indian citizenship to foreign nationals by the District Collector, so far 136 foreign nationals have been granted Indian citizenship. Special camps are held in this regard. Deputy Tehsildar Nagesh Gaikwad also informed that there are more foreign nationals who have applied for Indian citizenship.