Pune: Three-Year-Old Girl Dies in Water Tank Collapse Near Shirwal; Another Injured

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Pune, 12th February 2024: In a village named Kikvi near Shirwal an incident unfolded resulting in the death of a three-year-old girl and serious injury to a 13-year-old girl after a water tank, situated atop a brick kiln, burst, causing its wall to collapse onto them. The deceased girl, identified as Vidya Pangu Jadhav, aged three, lost her life in the unfortunate incident, while the injured, Lakshmi Govind Waghmare, aged 13, is currently undergoing treatment.

The incident occurred around noon at Kikvi, Bhor, while workers were engaged in filling water into the tank situated atop the brick kiln. Suddenly, and without warning, the tank burst, leading to the collapse of its walls, trapping Vidya and Lakshmi, who were playing nearby, beneath the debris.

Upon witnessing the catastrophe, the brick kiln workers swiftly assembled at the scene. The owner of the site, Ganesh Dattatray Bhilare, promptly summoned an ambulance and arranged for the injured to be transported to the hospital. However, Vidya succumbed to her injuries before receiving medical attention, while Lakshmi is currently receiving treatment at a private hospital.

Ganesh Dattatray Bhilare reported the tragic incident to the Rajgad Police Station, prompting authorities to register a case of accidental death. Police Constable Rajendra Chavan has been assigned the task of conducting a further investigation into the matter.