Pune: Timely Departure of Azad Hind Express and Jhelum Express Marks A Successful Formation of New Scratch Rake

Train Pune Railway Station
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Sumit Singh

Pune, 13th August 2023: In a significant development for Pune’s railway division, a successful formation of a scratch rake (i.e. new extra rake) was executed, leading to the on-time departure of both Train No. 12129 Azad Hind Express and Train No. 11077 Jhelum Express from Pune station.

The seamless departure comes as a relief after a series of rescheduling incidents that plagued the trains’ schedules since July 30, 2023, due to the swapping of rakes between the two.

The Pune division diligently worked to secure a new rake with the same composition as the original, ensuring that both trains could be dispatched according to their designated timetables.

Dr. Ramdas Bhise, DCM and Public Relations Officer, expressed optimism for maintaining punctuality moving forward, acknowledging the pivotal roles that these two trains hold within the Pune division.

The successful and punctual departure of the Azad Hind Express and Jhelum Express represents a significant achievement for the railway authorities, highlighting their dedication to providing efficient and timely services to passengers. As these trains continue to serve as vital connections within Pune’s rail network, efforts to uphold their punctuality remain a priority for the division.

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