Pune to Host Largest ‘Global Education Fair 2024’ for Aspiring Students Seeking Opportunities to Study Abroad

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Pune, 12th April 2024: ‘Study Smart’ is set to host the ‘Global Education Fair 2024,’ providing a comprehensive platform for students aspiring to pursue higher education overseas. The event, scheduled for April 13, 2024, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at The Pocha Hall, Boat Club, Pune, promises free entry for both students and parents, as announced by Chetan Jain, Managing Director of “Study Smart,” during a press briefing today.

Speaking at the Pune Patrakar Bhawan, Jain highlighted the fair’s significance, acknowledging the aspirations of numerous students to pursue education abroad post-12th grade or upon completing their bachelor’s degree. However, navigating through uncertainties surrounding opportunities, university selections, application procedures, accommodations, and financial aspects often proves challenging, dissuading many from pursuing their dreams. The ‘Global Education Fair 2024’ aims to address these concerns comprehensively by providing a centralized platform where students can engage with representatives from over 40 renowned universities across the UK, USA, Germany, and Dubai. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore diverse courses and career pathways.

Jain stressed that the event will also spotlight available scholarships for international studies and outline pathways for securing essential financial aid. Additionally, students and parents can benefit from free guidance and counseling services aimed at navigating the complexities associated with studying overseas.