Pune: Today Only 935 People Got Vaccine In PMC Area At 66 Centres

PMC Pune
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Pune, May 19, 2021: Citizens crowded vaccination centres from early morning to get vaccinated. However, vaccination centres have repeatedly said that those who have taken the first dose of Covishield 84 days ago, i.e. before February 23, will get the second dose.

Some had 40 days, some 50 days, and some 60 days. But due to the 84-day rule, these citizens had to turn back. As a result, the vaccination centre, which was crowded with 200-300 people, was closed early today.

“Vaccination started on Wednesday after the municipal corporation received 7,500 doses of Covishield from the government. The central government has said that the second dose of Covishield should be given after a gap of 12 to 16 weeks (84 to 112 days). However, many people who turned at the vaccination centres did not meet these criteria and had to return without getting the second dose”, said an official from the PMC’s health department.

Also, for people above 45 years who registered online for the first dose, only 10 percent of the vaccine was available for them.

Officials said that now the wastage of vaccines will be there as one vial has to be used within four hours if opened. “The central and state government should make changes in the policy to vaccinate other people as those who have taken the first dose of Covishield are not eligible for the second dose for a long time”, the officer added.


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