Pune: Tourists Choke Lonavala As Monsoon Kicks Off Tourism

tourists at Visapur fort Lonavala Pune
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Lonavala, 2nd July 2023: Tourists from different parts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai and Pune, are arriving in Lonavala to enjoy its natural beauty, especially during the monsoon season. One significant attraction for tourists is Bhushi Dam, which overflowed yesterday. After continuous rainfall on Friday, Bhushi Dam overflowed in the evening. Tourists are flocking here in large numbers to marvel at the scenic beauty of the dam.


Pune district has experienced heavy rainfall for the past six days, and in the last 24 hours alone, Lonavala recorded 158 mm of rainfall. Due to the continuous downpour, water is flowing from the steps and drains of Bhushi Dam. Additionally, waterfalls in the area have also come to life. The water level of most dams has risen due to incessant rains in the Maval area, including Lonavala, over the past few days.


Every year, tourism in Lonavala kicks off, especially after Bhushi Dam overflows. The Dabhosa waterfall is also flowing at full capacity in the area. Tourists appear to be relishing the rain. However, despite authorities advising against stopping vehicles at the Sahara Bridge, many people are disregarding the instructions and halting their vehicles, dancing on the streets with loud music. Some individuals have even taken their celebrations to the next level by dancing on car roofs.


Nevertheless, the local administration, concerned about the safety of both visitors and residents, has issued warnings against such behavior. Two days ago, Satya Sai Karthik, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Lonavala sub-division, informed that necessary action will be taken against people involved in such disruptive activities.