Pune Traders Association Will Not Open Shops Due to Confusing Government Orders

People crowd outside a wine shop in Salunke Vihar Pune.
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Pune, May 5, 2020: While the state and district administrations have decided to start shops in the city in phases, the Pune Traders Association has opposed it. Roads are closed but shops are being asked to be opened. There is no clarity in the order. Therefore, the Pune Vyapaari Mahasangh has decided to keep all the shops closed except the essentials shops.

As per state government direction, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and Pune Police have allowed opening shops in Pune city on certain conditions and conditions. But there is no clarity in the order issued by the administration in this regard. This has created confusion in the business community.

In this regard, Fatehchand Ranka, president of Federation of All Trade Associations of Pune, said, “There is no clarity in the order issued by the administration. This has created confusion among traders. Government is asking to open shops. But the roads are closed. How workers will come to work. Will they get petrol to go to work? There are many questions about their safety.”

He further added, “Coronavirus patients are increasing every day. Why such hurry to open shops when there is such an epidemic in the city. There is no harm if the business establishments are closed for a few more days because it is also our responsibility to take care of the citizens. Therefore, the federation has decided to keep all the shops closed except for the essentials shops. The letter will be handed over to the District Collector on behalf of the federation today.”

Since yesterday there has been huge rush outside wine shops as people are crowding to buy liquor. The wine shops opened after 45 days. Police have already issued a set of guidelines for them. The state government has allowed opening shops in areas outside the containment zones.