Pune Traders Demand Extension Of Deadline For Shops, Appeals To Police and PMC For Support

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Friyana Munshi
Pune, 28 March 2021: The Federation of Trade Association of Pune (FTAP) today sent a letter to the Pune Police Commissioner and Pune Municipal Commissioner seeking more business hours for shops as they are yet to recover from losses incurred during the last year’s lockdown due to Coronavirus Disease (COVID 19) pandemic.
In the letter, FTAP president Fatehchand Ranka stated, “Recently we have received order issued by Pune Municipal Corporation that all shops will remain open till 8 pm that means at 8 pm we have to take the shutter down. After taking the shutter down we have to take records of the stock, keep jewellery in the strong room, and thereafter we can leave the premises.
The order of the Commissioner of Pune Municipal Corporation is very much clear that shops can remain open up to 8 pm and hotels are also allowed to give parcels to take home. On behalf of the traders of Pune, our request is that no action be taken against any trader if the shutters are taken down and the owners are simply tallying the balance and stock.
Similarly, small hotels be allowed to remain open for giving out parcels to be taken home. No action be taken against them. Already all businesses have been badly affected and nowadays it is a problem of surviving. The traders are not in a position to pay their loan EMI and interest.”
The letter touched upon 3 major points:
1) To enhance business time up to 9 pm
2) To clarify whether public transport will be closed
3) To clarify whether small industries in Pune City working night shifts will have to keep close or they will be allowed to run.
Further explaining the troubles faced, Ranka further stated “It is also not cleared that whether public transport will be available or not. Some staff members stay far away and for them, the only source of transport is public transport. If the public transport is closed then it will be a huge problem for staff members to reach home. At present, the ratio of lady staff is greater and there will be huge problems for lady staff to reach home.”
Further speaking regarding the possible lockdown, Ranka stated, “We would like to bring to your notice that since the very beginning we have been opposing the lockdown as lockdown is not a solution to Corona. The only solution is that severe action be taken against defaulters who are not wearing the masks and not maintaining social distance.”
The letter was sent in response to an earlier announcement made by the municipal corporation stating that all shops may remain open only until 8 pm where the shutters be taken down and no lights must be on in the shops and the premises must be cleared at 8 pm itself.