Pune: Traffic Diversion Plans for Vijaystambh Shaurya Day Celebrations in Koregaon Bhima On January 1

Traffic Diversion
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Koregaon Bhima, 27th December 2023: As the annual Vijaystambh Shaurya Day approaches on January 1, preparations are underway to manage the expected influx of lakhs of people to pay homage to the Victory Pillar in Koregaon Bhima. To ensure a smooth flow of events and to avoid inconvenience to citizens, the Pune Rural Police has announced traffic diversions on the Pune-Ahmednagar highway.

According to the orders issued by the police, the Pune-Ahmednagar highway at Pernephata in Haveli taluka of Pune district will be closed from 5 PM on December 30, 2023, to 12 PM on January 1, 2024.

To minimize disruption, traffic will be redirected through alternative routes, and the following diversions have been recommended:

– All traffic from Shikrapur to Chakan and vice versa will be completely restricted.
– Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and other vehicles traveling from Ahmednagar to Pune and Mumbai will be diverted via Shirur-Nhawara Phata, Nhawara-Pargaon-Kedgaon Chaufula-Yawat-Solapur road Hadapsar.
– Vehicles, including heavy and goods vehicles, heading from Pune to Ahmednagar will take the Pune-Kharadi-Hadpasar-Solapur highway via Kedgaon Chaufula-Pargaon-Nhawra-Shirur to Ahmednagar road.
– Vehicles traveling from Mumbai to Ahmednagar will follow the route via Badgaon Maval-Talegaon-Chakan-Khed-Narayangaon-Alephata.
– Light vehicles, such as cars and jeeps, from Mumbai and Thane to Ahmednagar will be directed through Vadgaon Maval-Talegaon-Chakan-Khed-Paval-Shirur.

Notably, vehicles carrying devotees attending the program at Jayastambh in Perne-Koregaon Bhima will be exempt from these restrictions.

As the traffic diversions aim to facilitate the smooth flow of devotees and ensure the safety of all participants, the police urge citizens to plan their travel accordingly during the specified period.