Pune Traffic Overhaul: DCP Borate Proposes 3-Month Pilot Project To Tackle Traffic Offences, Puneri Pati To InjectsHumor Into Road Safety Awareness

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Sumit Singh

Yerwada, 30th January 2024: The Pune Traffic Police, under the leadership of the newly appointed Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Shashikant Borate, convened a meeting yesterday with the Pune Platform for Collaborative Response (PPCR) to discuss pressing issues affecting the city’s traffic landscape.

Key Concerns Presented by PPCR:

The PPCR shed light on various concerns plaguing the city’s traffic system, emphasizing the need for immediate attention:

1. Violations of Rules and Laws:
– Signal Jumping
– Lack/Unmaintained Sign Boards, Signals, Traffic Cameras
– Illegal/Unauthorized Rickshaw or Private Vehicle Stops on Main Roads

2. Other Traffic Offenses:
– Driving in No-Entry Zones
– Wrong-Side Driving
– Riding/Driving Over Footpaths
– Not Following Parking Rules
– Issues with Flyovers, Underpasses, and Foot-Over Bridges

Traffic Infrastructure Updates:

It was revealed that out of the 275 major traffic junctions in the city, 115 have been updated to the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), with the remaining 150 in progress. However, concerns were raised regarding the encroachment by Pune MahaMetro on road and footpath spaces along the Shivajinagar-Aundh lane.

DCP Borate assured a thorough examination of the metro plan to address the issues raised due to metro work.

Traffic Challan System and Innovative Solutions:

The meeting explored innovative solutions to streamline the traffic challan system, including third-party organizations for collection, Fast Tag integration for penalty fines, and linking owner’s bank accounts or UPI IDs with driving licenses and vehicle registration numbers.

Additional proposals included designated parking spaces for vehicle rental companies like Ola and Uber, as well as addressing the parking challenges posed by clubs, malls, and restaurants.

Key Takeaways and Proposed Pilot Projects:

DCP Borate proposed a 3-month pilot project with a focus on addressing wrong-side driving, installation of tyre killers, and the introduction of ‘Puneri Pati’ with signboards. Public awareness campaigns and a Puneri Pati contest for social awareness slogans were also suggested.

Localized Traffic Solutions:

In response to concerns raised by Team Swachh Kalyani Nagar (TSKN) about severe traffic congestion in Kalyani Nagar, DCP Borate recommended deploying a team of 4-5 dedicated traffic police personnel continuously for a week instead of a full-time presence.

Collaborative Approach for Future Actions:

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of traffic issues, it was decided that the next meeting would involve heads or senior representatives from PMC, Maha-Metro, encroachment department, PMPML, and other relevant departments. This collaborative effort aims to devise effective strategies and actions against the root causes of traffic problems in Pune. Stay tuned for further updates as the city strives for a smoother and more efficient traffic management system.