Pune: Traffic Police Imposed Rs 47.6 Crore Fine Using Technology Amid Lockdown

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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, November 18, 2020: Burgeoning traffic in the city has led to massive traffic violations amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It has often been reported that a rash driver who indulges in breaking various traffic rules and regulations is not caught due to the absence of traffic cops in that particular area. However, Puneites have been continuously reporting such offences through the help of social media.

According to the information received from Pune City Police’s Traffic Branch, a fine of Rs 47.6 crores has been imposed on such drivers using technology till November. This fine includes CCTV monitoring, Citizen reported violations, No helmet drives, Speedosoft, and through the use of Satark Punekar app, Twitter and Whatsapp.

Puneites, through social media alone, have reported 36,993 cases against such offenders, summing the fine upto Rs 1.62 crores through Whatsapp, Twitter, and SATARK Punekar app.”If a driver breaks any rules, I make sure to click their pictures and report it via Twitter, so even if the offender violates the laws during the absence of cops,@PuneCityTraffic Police handle immediately takes action based on the photo-evidence”, said Ritesh Kalvellu, resident of Aundh.

Speaking to Punekarnews.in, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Rahul Shrirame said, “We have imposed fine based on photo evidence that we have received and we will continue to take strict action against such people through our handles as well. We are utilizing all of our resources to capture every offender.”

In 2019, the Pune city traffic police had recovered the fine amounting to Rs 111.74 crore from violators starting from January to December 2019.

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