Pune: Two Children Suffer Burns While Taking Steam For Corona ‘Treatment’

sassoon hopital
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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, October 4, 2020: Several messages regarding home remedies to cure Coronavirus are circulating on social media. A message went viral that taking steam of hot water does not cause Coronavirus infection and infected persons can recover quickly.

Based on this message, two incidents took place in the city where two children got burnt due to boiling water falling on their bodies while taking steam. The children were rushed to Sassoon Hospital for treatment. They have been discharged after treatment. The doctor also appealed to the people to be careful while giving steam to their children.

The two incidents took place in different parts of the city in the last ten days. According to doctors, a six-year-old boy was at home in isolation after testing positive for Coronavirus. The people in the house gave him hot water. At that time, boiling water fell on his stomach, thighs, legs and genital areas. The boy suffered ten percent burns. He was rushed to Sassoon Hospital for treatment. After treatment, he recovered from Coronavirus and is undergoing treatment for burns on his body.

In another incident, a four-year-old girl got burnt while taking steam. The girl, her mother, father, aunt and grandfather had all tested positive for the Coronavirus. They were being treated at home. Everyone was taking hot water vapour regularly. At that time, hot water fell on the girl’s body, burning her abdomen, legs, thighs and surrounding area. Although the girl was Corona-free after ten days of treatment, doctors said it would take time for the burns to heal.

According to medical experts, messages are going viral on WhatsApp saying that steaming hot water will prevent the COVID19 infection and it will cure Corona-infected people. These incidents are a consequence of such messages. After the treatment, both the children recovered from COVID19 and the burnt part of their bodies are slowly improving. Parents should take special care if they want to give steam to their children. They should not give steam frequently and should not share each other’s towels.