Pune: Unforgettable Moments at MILT Graduation Ceremony

MILT pune graduation ceremony
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Pune, 9th November 2023: The Graduation Ceremony of MILT held on November 4 was a remarkable and unforgettable event. The ceremony was graced with enthusiastic participants, outstanding speeches, and fantastic performances that left everyone in awe.

One of the highlights of the event organized at Kapila Business Hotel on Dhole Patil Road was Danny, Accredited Trainer of MILT, who set the stage on fire with his welcoming speech and his unique approach to introducing the dignitaries on the stage. His presence added a special touch to the ceremony.

The Orator for the Ceremony, Ruchita, delivered an exceptional speech that elevated the program to the next level. During course Sessions, Ruchita was also awarded the Prestigious MILT Human Relations Award along with two other Batch members, Anuj and Kushal. Her flawless and engaging delivery of the speech at the event made everyone feel involved. She also introduced each Miltonian with such finesse that it filled every participant with pride. Ruchita’s contribution to the event was truly commendable.

While the MLC batch 9 was continuing with their sessions with Danny, the group had to choose a Joint Secretary for future operations. There were Four Self-Motivated members who were nominated amongst the team, namely Gaurav, Anuj, Umesh, and Akshay. Everyone nominated was capable and qualified to lead the group as Joint Secretary, but Akshay was nominated with the maximum votes by the MLC Batch 9 members as well as the Reviewers for the group. So during the event, the first speech was given by Akshay Inamdar as the Joint Secretary; then each had their 60 seconds to shine, and they did a phenomenal job, and their progress in such a short period was impressive. Their speeches brought out the best in all Miltonians, and their collective effort was praiseworthy.

President Amit brought a surge of energy to the hall and, most notably, expressed gratitude to the family members, touching the hearts of everyone present. His gesture was deeply appreciated.

The Chief Guest, Miltonian KMPS Nagpal, who is also an IIT Gold Medalist, delivered insightful words that shed light on the future growth journey of Miltonians and provided guidance on the path to success. His contribution to the ceremony was invaluable.

Vice-President Pritesh delivered the Vote of Thanks in his unique and memorable way. His words of appreciation were well-received.
The special appearance of Srinivas, who came all the way from Hyderabad, showcased the love of Miltonians for Danny and Miltonian activities. His presence was a testament to the strong sense of community among Miltonians.

The entertainment segment, planned by Gaurav and executed by all Miltonians, set the stage on fire with fantastic performances. The coordination and effort put into the entertainment were commendable, and the audience was thoroughly entertained.