Pune University And Its Affiliated Colleges Increase Fees Despite Maharashtra Government Order Against It

Pune University
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Vivek Patil

Pune, 25th September 2021: Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) and its affiliated colleges have not reduced fees despite the notice given by the Department of higher education, Maharashtra government, and have instead have increased the fees of almost all courses drastically.

According to the Pune University circular and upon the request made by the Department of Higher & Technical Education, Govt. of Maharashtra, regarding concession in the fees against the backdrop of COVID-19 situation, the proposal for reduction in fees was placed before the SPPU management council for consideration. The council considered the proposal at its meeting held on 26/06/2021 and constituted a committee under the chairmanship of a member of Management Council, Principal Sudhakar Jadhavar. The committee submitted its report along with details for reduction of fees. The Vice-Chancellor had accepted the committee report and approved its recommendations.

But despite this SPPU and the colleges under it have still not given any concession, instead have drastically increased the fees of most of the courses within SPPU.

Fees for Masters of Statistics 2021-2022: 1st semester and 2nd semester 

Fees for Gymkhana, Library fee, Laboratory fee have been included despite colleges still being closed due to COVID-19 and students have to attend the lectures in online mode from their homes.

Fees for Masters of Statistics 2020-21: 1st semester and 2nd semester 

 Fees drastically increased 


For the department of statistics for a master’s course in 2020 for OBC, the fees for 1st semester were Rs. 1380 and for the 2nd Semester was Rs 350,adding to a total of  Rs 1730.

However, this year in 2021, the fees for the same course for the 1st Semester are Rs 4974 and the 2nd semester is Rs 3475,adding to a total of Rs 8449.


Similarly for the fees of the course of masters of arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, this year has also been significantly increased.

1st and 2nd  semester fees for MA in Journalism and mass communication for year 2021.(OBC)

1st and 2nd semester fees for MA in Journalism and mass communication for year 2020.(OPEN)

The fees for the Post Graduate Diploma course in Socially engaged Buddhism (1-year course )for the 1stsemester was Rs 905, and for the 2nd Semester is Rs 6375.

“I have refused to fill the exam form and pay this increased fee for the second semester “, a student currently pursuing this course told punekarnews.in


Students demand a concession in Tuition fee 


“I am from Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune, Student of class SY Msc(CS)

According to the circular,  colleges are instructed to reduce their fees as per circular guidelines but the Nowrosjee Wadia college is not considering this circular for fees concession and told us to pay full regular fees so we students request you to please lead this issue and help us to avail this concession in fees officially. Due to covid, our financial condition is not good to pay this much fees we request you to help us for getting fees concession”,  said  a student pursuing an MSc course, Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune.

Kamalakar Shete, Vice president, Yuvak Kranti Dal, told Punekarnews.in, “I have written an email to the SPPU Vice-Chancellor regarding this issue and we still haven’t received any reply. The authorities have drastically increased the fees instead of giving a concession. I had also written a message to registrar also but I haven’t got any reply.”

SPPU VC Nitin Karmalkar and Registrar Prafulla Pawar did not respond to calls and messages for their version regarding hike in fees.