Pune University Student’s Scientific Article On Breast Cancer In Global Journal

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Siddhi Dharmadhikari

Pune, 12th July 2022: Deepshikha Singh, a postgraduate student in the Department of Biotechnology, Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), and Dr Rajesh Gacche, Professor in the Department of Biotechnology, have recently presented a scientific article in which she has presented important observations on breast cancer.

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The article is published in the global journal Drug Resistance Updates. Dr Rajesh Gacche said that Deepshikha was the first student of the university to publish an article in such a reputed journal with a 22.84 impact factor.

Giving more information about this, Dr Gacche informed that lung cancer was the number one cancer in the world, but in recent times, the cases of breast cancer have been seen to be at number one. The available drug treatment for breast cancer is currently being restricted for a number of reasons.

“Research has shown that one of the major causes of ‘long non-coding RNA’ is that these treatments are now obsolete in breast cancer. This article presents scientific facts on the subject,” he added further.

Basic research on this problem is underway in Dr Rajesh Gacche’s laboratory. For this, SERB DST, Delhi has provided substantial financial assistance.

While talking to PunekarNews.in, Deepshikha said, “The experience was itself overwhelming. It was not an overnight task. Dr Gacche gave me the idea and provided me some time to practice and guided me on exactly how to write. In 2 months, I read like 200 research papers.”

“After researching, I finally submitted my work to Dr Gacche. Accordingly, he made some changes, added diagrams and then submitted our work in May. In June, we got the confirmation that our article is going to be published in the journal,” Deepshikha added further.

Dr Gacche has recently been awarded an honorary membership by the Royal Society of Medicine, London. Dr Gacche, Along with Deepshikha of SPPU was appreciated and congratulated by the Vice-Chancellor of Pune University Karbhari Kale, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Dr Sanjeev Sonawane, Registrar Dr Praful Pawar and others.