Pune: Agitation Of 200-250 Contract Workers At The Gate Of Balbharti

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Pune, 12th July 2022: The contract workers who have been working at Balbharati for the last eight to ten years have been fired after their contracts expired at the end of June. They also did not get their salary for June. Around 200 to 250 workers had gathered at the gate of Balbharati on Tuesday (July 12) afternoon demanding to return to work and get their June salary.


Balabharati is the office of the Maharashtra State Textbook Production and Curriculum Research Board on Senapati Bapat Road. From housekeeping to clerks, servants, DTP operators, shorthand writers to engineers, about 300-350 staff work here. Some of them work in the office for two years while some have given their life’s ten to twelve years. But these jobs are on a contractual basis. This place of work is divided into various departments like account, and distribution in Balbharati.


The employees present here informed that they were given a break for the next three to four days by the Balbharati administration on June 30. They also said that they will be included in the new contract. However, even after 12 days today, the workers were not called back to work and their salary is not paid. Also, no information is given about it.

Workers also expressed anger over the sudden dismissal of the administration without any prior notice.