Pune: Unveiling ‘A Passage through Life’ – A Novel by Ganesh Natarajan at Lighthouse Gathering

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Pune, 5th September 2023: In a world characterized by shifting opportunities and evolving societal norms, the younger generations find themselves amidst unprecedented uncertainty. The landscape has been altered by the pandemic, leading Gen Y and Z to question their chosen paths, work-life balance, and the pursuit of happiness.

‘A Passage Through Life,’ the captivating fiction novel penned by seasoned IT expert Ganesh Natarajan, delves into these complexities. Natarajan, who also serves as the chairman of Lighthouse Communities Foundation, offers readers a thought-provoking narrative that resonates with contemporary challenges.

Set in the present day, the novel follows the lives of two distinct protagonists – Sharon, a high-achieving corporate executive returning to the bustling city of Mumbai from Goa, and Abhay, a young man hailing from an underprivileged background in Pune, embarking on a journey of self-discovery. A serendipitous encounter in Lonavla thrusts them into each other’s worlds, catalyzing a transformative journey neither could have anticipated. The story takes readers across India, the United States, Europe, and back to India, tracing the evolution of their thoughts, careers, and aspirations in a rapidly changing world.

The book explores their personal and collective journeys, offering insights into the evolution of their perspectives as they navigate life’s intricate pathways. Far from the conventional “Boy meets Girl” tale, the novel serves as a reflective commentary on life’s challenges, opportunities, and the myriad choices that shape our existence. It underscores the essence of seizing the right opportunities with determination and courage, even in the face of uncertainty.

The novel’s unveiling took place on August 26 at the Bhavani Peth Lighthouse. Distinguished guests, including MP Vandana Chavan, Lavanya Jayaram, Executive Director of South Asia AVPN, former Corporator Ajay Khedekar, Pradeep Bhargava, a professional with experience at ISRO and other public and private sector entities, as well as Ruchi Mathur, CEO of Lighthouse Communities Foundation, graced the event.

The launch was a celebratory occasion, acknowledging the achievements of Lighthouse’s youth, who have undergone training over the past seven years and successfully secured placements in various companies.

Lighthouse youths

Lighthouse Communities Foundation, supported by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC), and other governmental bodies, aims to empower underprivileged Pune youths by offering them opportunities to enhance their skills and embark on meaningful careers. A testament to its success, Lighthouse has trained over 30,000 youths in Pune, with a significant number finding gainful employment.

Ganesh Natarajan spoke passionately about the inspiration behind the novel, “Two incidents served as the driving force for writing this book. The first came from a conversation with Amruta Bahulekar from Lighthouse during our return journey from Mumbai. She shared the story of a young boy born and raised in Pune, whose ambition was fueled by the sight of the statue of Jamnalal Bajaj – a symbol of aspirations and growth.

The second incident emerged from Jharkhand, where I spent my initial 25 years. The boy from Pune unexpectedly met a girl from Ranchi (Jharkhand), profoundly impacting their lives and, subsequently, the influence of Lighthouse on their trajectories. We continue to nurture aspirations greater than our dreams, and together, we can transform them into reality. My cherished moments are often within Lighthouse, whose presence has now expanded to Odisha, Delhi, and Hyderabad, with plans to go international.”

MP Vandana Chavan shared her perspective on the book, saying, “I read the book in a single day. It narrates Abhay and Sharon’s journey, underscoring how their lives transformed once they embraced commitment. The novel beautifully encapsulates the essence of Lighthouse’s mission.”

In the backdrop of life’s complexities, ‘A Passage Through Life’ encapsulates the journey of two souls whose paths intertwine in unexpected ways. Amidst the narrative, Natarajan weaves the ethos of Lighthouse, an organization catalyzing transformation and empowerment, echoing his belief in the potential of dreams and the strength to realize them.