Pune: Vijay Diwas Celebrated To Mark Splendid Victory Over Pakistan In 1971 War

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Pune, December 16, 2020: “Vijay Diwas 2020” was celebrated today with the customary pomp and fervor at National War Memorial, Southern Command, Pune.  This day marks splendid victory achieved by India over Pakistan 49 years ago.  The “GREATEST VICTORY EVER” saw the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation and India rose as a regional power to reckon with.  With this decisive victory over a formidable opponent the Armed Forces of India once again affirmed themselves as a strong component of National power.

The 1971 Indo-Pak War began with Pakistan launching pre-emptive air strikes against 11 Indian airbases on 03 December 1971.  The war was forced upon due to widespread genocide of people of East Pakistan carried out by an oppressive military regime under General Yahya Khan of Pakistan.  The war, which was short and intense, was fought on both Eastern and Western fronts.  The 13 days war resulted in complete surrender of Pakistan forces and the creation of Bangladesh.  The Indian Armed Forces reigned supreme over the Pakistani military in the battle field.  During the war, Southern Command valiantly defended the borders of the nation against any action by Pakistan.  The notable battles which were fought in the area of responsibility of the Southern Army included the famous battles of Longewala and Parbat Ali where Pakistan’s armoured forces were destroyed by resolute Indian troops.  The raid on Pakistani town of Chachro carried out by soldiers of the renowned 10 Para Commando Battalion led by Lieutenant Colonel (Later Brigadier) Bhawani Singh, the erstwhile ruler of Jodhpur state was another famous military action. These battles have showcased in fine examples of grit, determination and bravery of our soldiers.

Lt Gen C P Mohanty, GOC-in-C Southern Command in a press release issued said that the victory was achieved in just 13 days of war which resulted in a complete surrender of Pakistan Forces and creation of a new nation, Bangladesh.

Lt Gen C P Mohanty, particularly remembering the veterans who fought in the 1971 War said that they have written an epic saga of valour, grit, determination and bravery in the history of Southern Command and is a matter of pride and inspiration for generations ahead. He said on this occasion the Command salutes all those brave hearts who had made supreme sacrifice in the line of duty for this great Nation.

The General Officer said the famous battles of Longewala and Parbat Ali stands testimony of the raw courage and resolute shown by the Indian Army which completely destroyed the adversary will to fight. He also said that the raid on Pakistani town of Chachro carried out by the soldiers of 10 Para Commando Battalion led by Lt Col (later Brigadier) Bhawani Singh was another famous military action successfully executed then in the Southern Command area of responsibility.

The General said that Southern Command is a battle-hardened and a battle-ready Command, well-poised and operationally prepared for undertaking any task in protecting the sovereignty of the Nation.

To commemorate the occasion a wreath laying ceremony was conducted to pay homage to brave soldiers, airmen and sailors of the Indian Armed Forces who did not think twice before laying down their lives to protect the sovereignty and freedom of our great nation.  The solemn ceremony was a token of remembrance for theses brave sons of India who made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty.  The ceremony was attended by military personnel of Pune Station as well as Veterans of the Indian Army who participated in the operation in Indo Pak War 1971.  During the ceremony tribute was paid to the gallant soldiers of Indo Pak War 1971 at the National War Memorial.

 A commemorative wreath was laid by Lieutenant General DS Ahuja, Chief of Staff, Southern Command on behalf of all ranks of Headquarters Southern Command.  The silence observed by all present echoed skywards to the martyrs of this great nation as an appropriate tribute to their steely resolve to defend India at all costs.

The event concluded with an interaction by all attendees in the Museum lawns, adjacent to the National War Memorial.

Lt Gen Ahuja