Pune: Viman Nagar Faces Cleanup as PMC Targets Unauthorized Structures Over Two Days, Now Rooftop Hotels On Radar

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Sumit Singh

Viman Nagar, 16th December 2023: In a join operation between the Building Development Department of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and the Nagar Road Ward Office, an extensive operation was conducted to dismantle unauthorized tin sheds spanning eighteen thousand square feet in Viman Nagar. The operation targeted 76 properties and spanned two days.

The crackdown specifically targeted unauthorized tin sheds erected in front and on the sides of vacant plots and buildings in the Viman Nagar area. This marked the first instance of a two-day operation in this locality, causing apprehension among trespassers. Further action against unauthorized sheds is scheduled for Monday, December 18.




The operation was spearheaded by PMC’s Deputy Commissioner (Zone 1), Kishori Shinde, along with Deputy Engineer Eknath Gadekar from the building development department, Junior Engineer Irfan Shaikh, Ward Officer Somnath Bankar, and officials from the Anti-Encroachment Department. Given the prolonged nature of the operation, a substantial police presence was maintained.

Encroachers at various locations attempted to exert pressure and engage in arguments with the action team. However, the team stood firm against these attempts, ensuring continuous action over the two days.

Several businesses took preemptive measures, removing their unauthorized sheds independently to avoid losses. In a bid to evade action, some business owners utilized cranes to relocate unauthorized food stalls to private properties.

Gadekar outlined the ongoing actions, emphasizing that the crackdown would extend to unauthorized rooftop hotels in Viman Nagar, with additional efforts against remaining encroachments in the upcoming week.

Local vendors, who claim to have operated in the area for the past two decades with licenses dating back 20 years, expressed their distress. “We have been instructed to relocate without prior notice. Many vendors have set up stalls on Phoenix Mall road, citing its suitability for business,” said the vendors.

Activist Qaneez Sukhrani viewed the PMC’s actions as a response to a High Court order. She noted, “Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar was present in Viman Nagar yesterday. Valid licenses of some vendors have been seized. The PMC is denying 2% of the public the opportunity to engage in legal work, as per the Supreme Court Order.”

Entrepreneur Ravi Kumar, based in Viman Nagar, raised concerns about the PMC’s response to potential gas explosions near generators. He stated, “Our concerns haven’t received a response from the PMC. They have removed trees for illegal hawkers and cemented the existing trees’ roots, jeopardizing their survival.”