Cold Snap Grips Pune: Pashan and Haveli Hit Season’s Lowest at 10.6°C, Cloudy Weather Predicted Till Monday

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Pune, 16th December 2023: Pashan and Haveli recorded the lowest temperature not only in the city but also in the Pune district at 10.6 degrees Celsius, marking the coldest day of the season.

The India meteorological department (IMD) forecasts that the intense cold spell will persist for the next three days. There will be haze in the morning hours and cloudy weather towards the afternoon and evening till 18th December (Monday).

As temperatures plummeted over the past few days, hail has become more prevalent within Pune district. The cold has intensified in the city, accompanied by morning fog and chilly winds in the evening, leading to a drastic drop in temperature. The average minimum temperature in Pune city has remained below 12 degrees Celsius for two consecutive days.

With mainly clear skies and cold winds from the north expected, the minimum temperature in the city is projected to further decrease. Pune residents are advised to prepare for at least a week of chilly weather.

Pune, renowned for its pleasant climate, experienced humid winds from the Bay of Bengal two weeks ago, creating a cloudy atmosphere and pushing the minimum temperature beyond 15 degrees Celsius. However, the impact of these humid winds has diminished, giving way to colder winds from North India, rekindling the chill in the state.

Minimum temperatures recorded on Saturday (degrees Celsius):

– Pashan, Haveli: 10.6
– Malin: 11.3
– Shivajinagar: 12.0
– Talegaon, Baramati: 12.5
– Narayangaon, Rajgurunagar, Talegaon Dhamdhere: 13.4
– Bhor: 13.9
– Purandar, Balewadi: 14.2
– Daund: 15
– Chinchwad: 16.6
– Lonavala, Lavale: 17.1