Pune: Wadgaonsheri Residents Plead For Action Against Persistent Trash Dumping On Footpaths

Pune: Wadgaonsheri Residents Plead For Action Against Persistent Trash Dumping On Footpaths
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Pune, 17th September 2023: Residents of Wadgaonsheri, Pune, are appealing to the authorities to take action against the persistent dumping of trash on footpaths in their neighborhood.


Residents expressed their deep concern over the situation, which has been allowed to continue unchecked for an unacceptably long time. They highlighted the several disadvantages and concerns that this situation presents for the community, including:

Unsightly appearance: The unsightly heap of trash severely impacts the aesthetics of the neighborhood, undermining the visual appeal of the area.

Health hazards: Unhygienic conditions: The accumulation of trash on footpaths leads to the breeding of disease-carrying pests such as mosquitoes, rats, and stray animals. This poses a severe health risk to the residents, especially children and the elderly.

Pedestrian discomfort: Residents, including senior citizens and children, are inconvenienced and forced to navigate around the trash while using the footpaths.

Environmental impact: The presence of trash on footpaths undermines efforts to maintain a clean and green environment, harming the local ecosystem.

Public awareness: The situation contradicts the “Swachh Bharat” message and erodes public trust in municipal authorities’ commitment to cleanliness.

Residents have urged the authorities to investigate this matter further, shed light on the issue, and hold the PMC accountable for ensuring the timely and thorough cleaning of their public spaces. They have also appealed to the media to cover this issue and serve as a catalyst for change.

The Wadgaonsheri residents’ plea highlights the importance of addressing the issue of trash dumping on footpaths in Pune. It is a problem that plagues many other neighborhoods across the city, and it is imperative that the authorities take concrete steps to resolve it