Pune: Wagholi Residents Scammed of Rs. 88 Lakh in 25 Days in Cyber Frauds

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Wagholi, 14th April 2024: A disturbing trend of cyber theft has emerged in Wagholi, with eight citizens falling victim to elaborate scams, resulting in a staggering total loss of Rs. 88 lakh 29 thousand over just 25 days.


The most recent case involves a 32-year-old resident who was duped into parting with his hard-earned money under the guise of an enticing online job opportunity. Promised substantial returns, the victim transferred Rs. 14 lakh 99 thousand to various bank accounts via the Telegram app, only to realize that the promised refunds never materialized. Upon discovering the fraud, the victim promptly reported the incident to the Lonikand police station, leading to the registration of a case against an unidentified perpetrator.


This incident is just one among many instances of cyber theft plaguing the Wagholi community. Despite awareness of such crimes, citizens continue to fall prey to the allure of quick financial gains. The consequence of this temptation is significant financial losses, as evidenced by the cumulative amount defrauded from unsuspecting individuals in Wagholi.


The sequence of events illustrates the scale and audacity of these cybercrimes:


– March 21: A woman loses Rs. 2.5 lakh to fraudsters.

– March 22: A manager falls victim to a scam, losing Rs. 1.5 lakh.

– March 22: Another woman is swindled out of Rs. 1 lakh 35 thousand.

– March 24: A young man is cheated of Rs. 94 thousand.

– March 26: A 43-year-old man is extorted a staggering Rs. 45 lakh.

– March 30: A 32-year-old man is coerced into parting with Rs. 12 lakh.

– April 10: A young man suffers a loss of Rs. 10 lakhs.

– April 12: Another young man is defrauded of Rs. 15 lakhs.


These incidents serve as a stark reminder of the ever-present threat posed by cybercriminals, highlighting the need for heightened vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard against such scams.