Pune: Water Crisis Hits Balewadi – Residents Seek PMC Intervention for Inadequate Supply

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Balewadi, 20th January 2024: Residents from various sections of Balewadi have approached the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) water supply department, urging immediate on-site assessments to address the persistent issues of insufficient and erratic water supply in the region.

Ramesh Rokade, representing the Balewadi Residency Co-operative Housing Welfare Federation, stated that their federation comprises over 100 housing societies, with approximately half of them registering complaints about inadequate water supply. Rokade emphasized the residents’ dependence on water tankers to fulfill their daily water requirements and stressed the need for prompt improvement, particularly with the impending onset of the summer season.

While acknowledging the PMC’s efforts in laying a new water pipeline in Balewadi and Baner areas last year, residents highlighted that the pipeline’s positive impact was uneven across the locality. Many housing complexes continue to incur substantial expenses on water tankers due to the inconsistent supply. Rokade expressed concern about the absence of a cap on charges imposed by private tanker operators, causing a significant financial burden on housing societies.

Residents reported annual spending of up to Rs 10 lakh on water tankers, a cost deemed unjustifiable considering the hefty taxes paid to the civic body and government. Sachin Patil, another resident, attributed the current situation to distribution lapses and criticized the lack of planning by civic authorities. Despite assurances from officials about improvements, Patil claimed that little substantial progress had been made.

Another resident echoed the sentiment, urging authorities to conduct spot visits to assess the actual status of water distribution. In response to residents’ concerns, PMC officials assured proactive measures.

A PMC officer stated that spot visits would be conducted to engage with residents and devise local solutions. The PMC aims to address the longstanding water supply issues through collaborative efforts and discussions with the affected community.