Pune: Water Supply Problem Of Sus, Mhalunge Taken To Bombay High Court

Bombay High Court

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Pune, 15th March 2022: There are several hundred housing societies and residential complexes in Sus and Mhalunge. None of them receives water supply from From Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) or Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA).



These housing societies have approached the PMC, the PMRDA but both the government bodies have not responded with any solution.


Earlier these two villages were under PMRDA jurisdiction. Since July 2021

Sus & Mhalunge (Along with 21 other villages) are now under PMC

jurisdiction. PMRDA is still giving new construction permission in these

villages, without making any planning or provision for water supply to the

occupants of these residential buildings.


These housing societies have approached Amol Ratan Balwadkar, the BJP

Corporator from the region, to find a solution. Balwadkar

communicated with both, PMC and PMRDA, but both the government bodies have given ambiguous responses and not taken responsibility. As a result, these villages are suffering from no water supply for the past several years and are dependent on private water tankers.


Speaking on the subject Balwadkar stated:

1) Both PMRDA & PMC have failed to recognize the seriousness of the no

water supply problem to the villages of Sus & Mhalunge.


2) PMRDA & PMC have not acted by implementing any plan of action to tackle this serious problem.


3) Both PMRDA & PMC are not coming forward to clearly state whose

responsibility is to supply water to the residents of Sus & Mhalunge.


4) PMRDA has given permissions for the construction of residential buildings without making plan or developing any infrastructure for water supply to this region. If PMRDA can not make provision for water supply then PMRDA should stop giving permissions to new constructions in these



5) There is no joint task force between PMC & PMRDA to tackle this serious problem.


“To fix the responsibility and seek a solution for the residents of Sus and

Mhalunge, I have filed a PIL in the Bombay High Court”, said Balwadkar.


Adv. Satya Muley stated, “The PMRDA & PMC have implemented a method of taking affidavit or undertaking from builders stating that the builders will be responsible for supplying water to the newly

constructed buildings. Without this undertaking (Water affidavit) the PMRDA does not give a Commencement certificate for new constructions. This is an illegal act, as the supply of water is a fundamental duty of PMRDA & PMC as per the Constitution of India and they can not pass it on to a builder. After the construction is complete the builder

goes away, and the residents are left to suffer on their own and they come under the grip of tanker mafia. This system of taking water affidavit is also challenged in the PIL.”


Either PMC or the PMRDA have to come forward urgently to provide a solution to the residents of Sus & Mhalunge Villages.


“Water is fundamental to life and is a fundamental right of every citizen protected under Article 21. Water supply is a fundamental duty of the PMRDA and PMC under Article 243W. To enforce these rights, Balwadkar has rightly filed the PIL on behalf of the residents of Sus & Mhalunge”, added Adv. Muley.