Pune Welcomes Syncups: Praddyumna Bapat’s New Venture Supporting Creative Professionals

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Pune, 17th July 2023: Praddyumna Bapat, a renowned social entrepreneur from Pune and the former Founder of Cast India, has unveiled his latest venture, Syncups. The highly-anticipated launch event took place at the prestigious CC & Co co-working space on Prabhat Road. Syncups aims to establish a thriving professional network dedicated to supporting and empowering creative individuals across diverse domains.

The launch event witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 40 passionate professionals, comprising aspiring talents and seasoned experts alike. Adding prestige to the occasion, renowned actor and writer Shivraj Walvekar, with over two decades of industry experience, graced the event as the guest of honor. His presence lent further credibility and excitement to the launch of Syncups.

Syncups has been established with a clear mission: to provide unwavering support to the creative community by fostering growth, facilitating knowledge sharing, and nurturing a sense of camaraderie among professionals involved in various aspects of filmmaking. The platform aims to achieve these goals by hosting informative guest sessions and offering valuable insights from industry veterans like Shivraj Walvekar.

Additionally, Syncups seeks to create a dynamic networking environment where members can exchange their work, generating valuable references and potential opportunities.

Syncups has formed strategic partnerships with several prominent organizations that share its vision. CC & Co, a renowned co-working space recognized for its premium services, has joined as the venue partner. Musique Magazine, a leading publication in the creative field, has come on board as the magazine partner. Dronee Media, an established outdoor media company, has been appointed as the official outdoor media partner. Punekar News, Pune’s most-read news portal, is the media partner.

The launch of Syncups brings an exciting array of upcoming events designed to cater to the specific needs of creative professionals. Filmmakers will have the opportunity to participate in networking sessions and training programs focused on honing their pitching skills. Advertising professionals will benefit from dedicated networking sessions aimed at fostering connections and collaborations within the industry. Syncups also plans to host a presentation meet specifically tailored for startups, advertising agencies, and film production houses, creating a platform for collaboration and synergy. Furthermore, social media agency founders, photographers, and videographers will have their own dedicated networking sessions, providing a platform to share experiences and expertise.

Praddyumna Bapat’s Syncups demonstrates his unwavering commitment to supporting and empowering creative professionals. The venture promises to be a valuable resource for individuals across diverse domains, fostering growth, collaboration, and innovation within the vibrant creative community of Pune and beyond.