Pune: With Storage Levels Decreasing In Dams, PMC Comes Out With Plan To Save Water

Khadakwasla Dam
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Pune, 15th December 2023: With the Khadakwasla Dam Project facing decreasing water storage levels, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is prioritizing water conservation efforts. In response to the potential threat of water reduction, the Water Supply and Pumping Department has undertaken initiatives to save a total of 200 million litres of water from Pune Cantonment (Camp) to Phursungi aqueduct, along with an additional 50 million litres from the overall water supply system.

The diminishing water storage in the Khadakwasla chain project has raised concerns about water shortage in Pune. The Water Resources Department of the Maharashtra Government has issued instructions to PMC, emphasizing the need to limit daily water usage. The city requires 1,650 million litres per day to meet its water demands. Despite the Khadakwasla project having 24.10 billion cubic feet (TMC) of water storage, 8.54 TMC is reserved for the Rabi season, leaving 15.50 TMC for planning water storage until June.

Considering the current water consumption patterns, daily usage ranging from 1,250 to 1,300 MLD over the next 244 days is estimated to save 2.80 TMC to 3.23 TMC of water. In response to this, the Water Resources Department has suggested that PMC restrict daily water use to 1,200 MLD. In light of the impending water shortage crisis, the water supply department has prioritized water-saving measures, aiming to conserve 200 MLD of water through efficient management without resorting to water cuts in the city.

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Phursungi village, now part of the PMC limits, will soon receive water through an upgraded channel. The final stages of the water channel laying work are nearing completion, saving an additional 150 MLD of water. Previously, the village sourced water from a canal, requiring 172 million litres daily, with 150 million litres lost due to leakage. The completion of the channel upgrade will ensure that 150 MLD of water is utilized for the city.

To achieve the targeted water savings, the PMC has also planned a 50 MLD reduction through modifications to the water distribution system. Nandkishore Jagtap, Chief Engineer of the PMC’s Water Supply and Pumping Department, confirmed that proactive measures have been implemented, resulting in the conservation of a total of 200 MLD of water.