Pune woman drives Uber cab to Mumbai as driver dozes off

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Pune, March 4, 2020: A 28-year-old woman had to drive herself home in an Uber car after the driver fell asleep and the car recklessly skewed in the traffic.

Tejaswini Divya Naik had hired the cab on February 21 from an Uber rental drive to reach her home in Mumbai from Pune City. She noticed that the driver was dozing off and on two occasions he skirted another car and the road divider on the Expressway.

“His head was leaning forward constantly each time as he was trying very hard to keep his eyes fixated on the road. He was clearly struggling to stay awake as he almost rammed the car into the oncoming traffic several times. It was at this time that the woman woke the driver up and asked him to drive back into the right lane”, Republic news channel reported.

Tejaswini, who works in the Bollywood industry, asked the driver to let her drive. She explained to him that they could both reach her destination without getting hurt if he let her drive while he can take a nap in the passenger’s seat. She further added saying that she was shocked to see him sleeping the whole time until they arrived at her address.

Uber issued an apology

Tejaswini wrote in a tweet and also uploaded video of driving sleeping. She contacted Uber to narrate the incident on Twitter and Instagram, but they took no further steps except for an apology. She was asked to get the cops involved instead and lodge an FIR.

thanking god I’m alive right now and I wasn’t asleep when this happened & that I know how to drive.@Uber @Uber_Support @Uber_India I am seething with anger right now. how dare they drive if they’re not well rested? how dare they put anyone else’s life at risk?

— tejaswinniethepooh (@teja_main_hoon_) February 21, 2020