Pune Woman Falls Victim To Witchcraft Scam, Files Complaint Against Culprits From Uttar Pradesh

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Wanowrie, 14th May 2024: In a disturbing revelation, it has come to light that a woman was subjected to extortion tactics driven by fear of witchcraft. Perpetrators allegedly exploited superstition to coerce money from her.

The individuals named in the case are Krishna Narayan Tiwari (aged 30) and Antima Krishna Tiwari, both residents of Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. A woman has filed a complaint against them at Wanowrie Police Station.

The complainant came into contact with the accused through an acquaintance. The accused informed her that someone had placed a curse on her house, claiming that a ritual was necessary to dispel the black magic. Subsequently, Tiwari visited the woman’s residence. The accused administered syrup to the woman and her young daughter, causing them to feel faint, and proceeded to take pictures of the woman with his mobile phone.

Following this, the accused contacted the woman again and threatened to circulate the pictures of her and her daughter on social media. He extorted money from her on multiple occasions and even took jewellery from her. Senior Police Inspector Sanjay Patange from Wanowrie Police Station is conducting further investigation into this matter.