Pune Woman Loses Rs 17.75 Lakh in Fake Pension Activation Scheme

Kondhwa police station
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Kondhwa, 12th January 2024: A 54-year-old woman from Mohammed Wadi in Pune fell prey to an online scam where an unidentified fraudster duped her of ₹17.75 lakh. The scam unfolded between November 8, 2023, and November 9, 2023, on NIBM road in Kondhwa, Pune.

The perpetrator, operating with an unknown mobile number, contacted the complainant, posing as a representative from the State Bank of India (SBI). Under the guise of assisting her in initiating her pension, the fraudster instructed her to install an app named ‘Customer Support’ on her mobile phone.

Trusting the supposed SBI representative, she followed the instructions and downloaded the specified app. Unfortunately, this action granted the scammer full access to her mobile phone. Exploiting the situation, the fraudster swiftly withdrew a substantial sum of ₹17.75 lakh from her bank account.

Following the fraudulent incident, she promptly filed a complaint with the cyber police, detailing the deceptive scheme and the subsequent financial loss. The Kondhwa Police Station has registered a case against the unknown individual behind the mobile number used in the scam.