Minor Sparking Blast Temporarily Closes Pune Metro Line

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Kasarwadi, 12th January 2024: A minor sparking blast occurred today at the Kasarwadi metro station along the Pimpri to Pune route, leading to the temporary closure of one line of the Pune Metro. Fortunately, all passengers on board were evacuated safely.


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The incident unfolded during the metro’s routine journey from Chinchwad to Pune when a sparking blast took place at the Kasarwadi metro station. Emergency protocols were immediately activated, resulting in the closure of one line of the Pune Metro to ensure the safety of commuters and conduct a thorough investigation.

Authorities swiftly evacuated all passengers from the affected metro, and there were no reported injuries or casualties. Emergency services, including fire and police departments, were promptly deployed to the scene to assess the situation and manage any potential hazards.

The closure of one metro line is a precautionary measure as investigators work to determine the cause of the sparking blast. Pune Metro officials, in coordination with relevant authorities, are conducting a detailed examination of the affected area to assess the extent of the damage and identify any safety concerns.