Pune: Woman Loses Teeth in Vicious Attack After Declining Theft Collaboration

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Pimpri, 25th November 2023: In a disturbing incident in Pimpri, a man has been arrested for assaulting a woman after she refused to assist him in a theft. The accused, identified as Subhash alias Chandya Manoj Taak, aged 45 from Subhashnagar, Pimpri, allegedly attacked the woman in a fit of rage.

The victim, who had a prior friendship with Taak, rejected his request to join him in a theft. When she refused, Taak demanded money, but the woman declined to comply. This led to Taak becoming increasingly agitated, culminating in verbal abuse and a violent assault.

During the altercation, Taak assaulted the woman by striking her face and delivering forceful blows. The brutal attack resulted in the victim losing four teeth and suffering severe injuries to her hand. The woman promptly reported the incident to the Pimpri police station, leading to the arrest of Taak.

The Pimpri Police are currently conducting additional investigations into the incident.