Pune: Women’s Health Camp by Spread Happiness Foundation and Hitachi Lift India in Rural Bhor

Women Health Camp Conducted by Spread Happiness Foundation
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Pune, 30th May 2024: In a bid to enhance women’s health and hygiene in rural regions, the nonprofit organization Spread Happiness Foundation, in collaboration with Hitachi Lift India, organized a pivotal health camp in Bhor, a remote area roughly 65 kilometers from Pune. This initiative reflects the foundation’s enduring commitment to addressing the health needs of women in rural communities.

The event focused on menstrual hygiene under the “Happy Flow” initiative. Ms. Priti Dhone and Ms. Karuna Behera conducted an insightful awareness session, educating attendees on effective menstrual hygiene management. The session received positive feedback and underscored the significance of proper menstrual practices.

The camp was inaugurated by Mr. Soumya Mahapatra, Founder Chairman of Spread Happiness Foundation. Mr. Anand Mahapatra welcomed the participating Hitachi employees, highlighting the collaborative efforts between the foundation and Hitachi Lift India.

On behalf of Hitachi, Mr. Padmanavh Panse delivered an inspiring message, reaffirming the company’s dedication to improving women’s health and hygiene, particularly in underserved areas. The camp saw over 150 participants, including school and college girls, working women, and housewives.

Hitachi CSR bhor

Sanitary pads and menstrual cups were distributed to all attendees, part of a larger campaign by Spread Happiness Foundation, which has distributed over 15,000 sanitary pads and menstrual cups in slums, schools, and other needy areas.

Local representatives and social workers, including Mr. Ganesh and Mr. Sonam Mohite, played a crucial role in ensuring the event’s success. Their efforts were instrumental in the smooth execution and educational impact of the camp.

This initiative highlights the commitment of Spread Happiness Foundation and Hitachi Lift India to improving women’s health and hygiene in remote areas. The interactive nature of the camp was highly appreciated by the participants.

In closing, Pradeep Behera of Spread Happiness Foundation expressed heartfelt thanks to all attendees, marking the conclusion of a successful and impactful event.