Pune: Yashwantrao Chavan Auditorium Kothrud To Undergo Extensive Repairs; Temporary Closure Announced

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Kothrud, 17th June 2023: In response to persistent complaints from artists and theatregoers, the Yashwantrao Chavan auditorium, located in the Kothrud area, is set to undergo comprehensive repairs. The auditorium’s administration has announced a temporary closure for approximately 40 days, starting from July 6th, to address long-standing issues with its air conditioning system and other minor maintenance requirements.

The air conditioning system of this auditorium in Kothrud had been malfunctioning for several days and had been subjected to temporary repairs. Recognising the need for a more permanent solution, the administration deemed it necessary to replace the entire system. For the past few days, the issue of the disrepair of auditoriums in the city came to the fore. After continuous complaints from the audience along with the artists, Guardian Minister Chandrakant Patil took notice and ordered the authorities to solve the problems of the auditoriums immediately.

Consequently, the administration has initiated the necessary steps, commencing with the repair work at the Yashwantrao Chavan auditorium. In the month of July, the number of cultural events and theatrical performances is less due to the monsoon. Therefore, the administration has chosen this time, keeping in mind that if the auditorium remains closed during this period, the producers will suffer the least loss. It is expected that the repairs will be completed within the 40-day period, aiming for a reopening date of August 15th. As a result of the closure, all reservations for cultural programmes and theatrical performances during the said period have been cancelled.

In addition to the air conditioning system, the auditorium has also been dealing with other issues such as sewage channel leakage and broken chair arms in the auditorium. While these may appear as minor flaws, they require attention and prompt rectification. Artists and fans expressed hope that these repairs should also be done during this period so that the auditorium will be completely problem-free after reopening.