Pune: Yemeni Couple Falls Victim to ‘Police’ Robbery, String of Similar Incidents Raises Concerns

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Kondhwa, 13th February 2024: On February 8, a Yemeni couple fell victim to a robbery by two men posing as policemen at Ashirwad Chowk in Kondhwa, resulting in the loss of Rs 4.79 lakh.

The couple, residents of Meethanagar since December last year, filed a complaint with the Kondhwa police on Sunday night. This incident marks the fourth case, with three occurring in Kondhwa and one in Pune Cantonment, where criminals employ the same modus operandi to target Yemen nationals.

Police officials suspect that acquaintances of the victims might be involved, as the perpetrators conversed fluently in Arabic. The police are pursuing leads to identify and apprehend the suspects.

In this recent case, a 52-year-old Yemeni man and his wife were stopped by two individuals in a four-wheeler, posing as policemen, after leaving a private hospital where the woman is undergoing cancer treatment. The suspects, after checking their belongings under the pretext of suspicious activity, diverted attention and absconded with the couple’s cash.

The language barrier complicates investigations, with Yemeni victims often requiring interpreters to file delayed police complaints, an official said.