Pune: Yerwada family helps cremate over 1,400 COVID-deceased till date

Arun Jangam
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, August 5, 2020: Amid these difficult times, where even the family members are hesitant to perform last rites of the deceased Coronavirus patients, the ‘Jangam Family’ from Yerawada has exemplified kindness by helping in the cremation of at least 1,400  since the outbreak of the virus and the subsequent lockdown.

Arun Jangam and his family members have overcome fear and taken up the torch of Mukhagni. The family has so far cremated 1,400 bodies themselves.

This trio-Arun, his wife Meera and their son Abhishek (who is interior designer) and daughter Sakshi (who just passed 12th) have been doing this work since the outbreak of Coronavirus in March. Initially, Arun had accepted his responsibility and started his work but kept his family in the dark. However, this secret did not last long.

When the secret was revealed, his wife, Meera not only accepted the reality, but she joined her hands to help her husband. The trio is now fighting shoulder to shoulder in the crematorium from morning till midnight.

At present, 25 to 30 people are being cremated daily.  They have now received help from 16 youth who have joined them in the work. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has offered medical help if they have any COVID related illness.